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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 4

LJ Idol is all about your personal growth as a writer.

Or it's all about the fun.

Or the strategy.

Or the torture.

Or the combination of all of these things!

Perhaps it's about the all-you-can-eat virtual buffet!

The bottom line is that it always ends up meaning something different to different groups of people, which means that the way folks approach it are going to be completely personalized.

Sooner or later, the idea of "who "deserves" to move forward over others always ends up coming up.

Different people are going to approach that differently.

I'll use an example that I *think* is safe because it can be a real life one, that hasn't really come up this season - and I'm pretty sure the people involved won't see this to take personally. (hopefully no one related to them does. Because it isn't.) The kids participating in Idol this season.

There is a huge difference between Season 9 and Season 10 in that regard. Week 1 of Season 9 the kids and the "troll accounts" (people who folks thought were just there to stir things up) were eliminated. In the coming weeks the remaining "troublemakers" were taken out. Pretty much every time you poked your head up, the voters were chopping it off.

For whatever reason, people in that season decided that it was going to be "really serious", and the overall tone reflected that. And you can't have kids outlasting adults in something that's "really serious".

I'm still trying to figure out what Season 10 is, and honestly, I don't think we will know it's full shape until we see the first couple of post-Second Chance weeks, if not even later than that. But, for whatever reason - maybe as a reaction to the seriousness of Season 9. Or maybe because of the influx of new blood who make their own rules - "the kids" have done better/gotten further than almost any Under-17 year old contestant. Which I think is remarkable. Does that mean they will be gone soon? Does that mean that people are grading them on a scale and they could end up outlasting *all* of the adults? I'll be honest - I literally have no idea right now. That is entirely up to the voters. It's up to YOU.

Not just with the kids, but with every other person - and every kind of writing that you see. You get to decide the "who 'deserves' to stay". That's all you.

The collective "you" has the power to shape the kind of place you want this to be this season, and the bigger story you want to tell. Let's make it a good one!

Second Chance sign-up and the first Second Chance Topic:

The main competition topic, due *today, March 2nd* - So make sure to get yours in!!
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