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The "special powers"

I actually had to spend far longer determining who was going to get these than I thought I would, because there were ties involved. I had intended to give one to each tribe, however the way the tie broke and without a way to break it down further, I've decided to change it a bit from how I was going to do it. Heh, considering you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm sure you don't care.*g* This time was awarded to the lowest number of votes without being voted out and who had the fewest Gold Stars
What is the power?

Limited immunity. That means that as long as the person who has it posts that week they can not be voted out.

But there's a twist, two of them actually.

LIMITED because it is for 1 week only, in this case it will be in effect for the next vote but no further.

The second twist is that the person who gets it CAN NOT USE IT FOR THEMSELVES. They MUST give it away to someone, or ditch it altogether and then no one gets it. They can also not give it to someone else who has one to give.

It seems impractical on the surface, but I'm hoping the more people think about it the more options this will present to you as a player.

Who gets this limited immunity?

wbahner and

Let me know who you want to give it to - you can email me at BEFORE the deadline for this week's vote.
Tags: season 4, special powers, week 9

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