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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 1

Last night, we had results, in which we learned that La La Land was eliminated from the competi... oh wait, sorry. I read that wrong.

Moonlight was eliminated... oh wait, that wasn't it either.

My bad.

There were results however, and they involved sacrifices and a Write-off! So make sure you check that out!


The new topic is also up: with it's Work Room:


We also have some questions about byes. Well, one specific one that I've decided to address in the Green Room.

The question was (essentially) "How can we get 'additional byes'"? Because real life interfered early on and now there's actually an *important* reason to miss the deadline (getting married)

There are people with extra byes. Some of them got them from being a Patron and others earned them for taking part in the challenge during Break Week.

Patron byes *have* to be used for someone else. The Break Week ones are personal use.

If you are someone with an extra bye (from either of those methods), or just haven't had to take any time off, and you *want* to give one to someone else, you can.

It's called a "Gift Bye". You are giving part of your Idol life to someone else to allow them to survive an extra week.

If you are someone in need - it doesn't hurt to put out a call for someone to help. I can't personally advocate either way on what anyone can do or "should" do, because it's your game and asking someone to put their own game at risk for someone else? That's not something I can do. BUT, when it happens, it's always a kind gesture to witness.
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