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Green Room - Week 8 - Weekend Edition

Before I get to anything else, I missed a special birthday yesterday and wanted to make sure I mentioned it - Happy Birthday to our own yamyam_kat! I hope it was a good one/ *kicks you for being a mini-hippie because that would be the "treating everyone equally regardless of age thing to do*. ;)


The poll is up:

So make sure to get over there and give your favorite entries some love! That's what Valentines Day is all about right? Giving some love? Or massacring a bunch of people. Maybe expressing your love by shooting random people through the heart with arrows. I'm not sure exactly what it's about, but I'm sure I'm going to get it sooner or later...

The point being to make sure to support the folks you want to see more of, and of course, tell folks who *aren't* currently in Idol to check it out as well. This only works as well as people can spread the word. Otherwise it becomes a weird echo chamber - and that's not any fun for anyone. So get the word out! *Especially* get the word out because when I come back from "wedding stuff", they might have a chance to do something about not being in Idol. Or should I say, they might have another chance to do something about that. So definitely start putting that out there...

Which kind of dovetails into my other thought (I only have one at a time) about how when we have huge seasons, I always hear "there are TOO MANY people to read!" and this season was really small compared to Season 9 (which was mega-hyped, whereas this was a lot more low-key, so that makes sense) and I keep hearing about low numbers *while at the same time* hearing that it's still too many people to read. ;) It's funny how that works. No big "nature of humanity" conclusion. It just amuses me. (and is the type of thing that might get some folks fired up... One thing I will say about this season, so far, is the total lack of drama. (at least on *my* radar.) Which I also think puts it in the "low key" category. That said, this thing is far from over - and there's always *someone* who gets annoyed at SCI, so we might not be out of the woods yet on that... there are advantages and disadvantages to the pot being stirred. I'm glad that's it's not happening *right now*, because I have other stuff going on. :) But it does have me looking over my shoulder wondering who is going to be the first one to break! Will it be YOU???? *cue dramatic music*.
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