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Results - Week 6

Every week comes with it’s own surprises, and this week is no different.

It was another close one, coming within a few votes of completely changing the outcome.

Going into it, I wouldn’t have said that we would be saying goodbye to 3 veterans, and yet, here we are.

We are losing


Hopefully we will be seeing you in the Home Game, and making another run at it via the upcoming Second Chances!


Jan. 28th, 2017 02:59 pm (UTC)
I'll have to think about *who*, but I do recall having a conversation with someone about how they would need to decide on *one* to use by the Top 30. (I didn't want a situation where one person could end up facing themselves in a final). I didn't come to that point, but I seem to recall it was close enough to have that conversation. So somewhere past 50.


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