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Green Room - Week 6 - Day 2

One of my most recent public LJ posts was from 8 years ago, when I talked about my hopes for the Obama Presidency.

I thought he could bring people together (by not being Clinton or an "established Democrat") and I *extremely* naively thought that the race issue would actually work in his favor by giving him a greater grace period because "who would want to risk being called a racist".

In addition - I thought the idea of using the Republicans own health care proposal from the 90s and the personal responsibility-based mandate that their own nominee had ran on was a great way of reaching across the aisle and would be an early win for the administration. Because: Why would anyone NOT support something they were all in on a few years before?

*laughs and points at younger self*

I say this on the day Obama leaves office for a couple of reasons:

- Obama made me happy at some points and upset me other times. Ultimately, I think history will judge him favorably. But I think it's too soon for that verdict. *I* liked him though and think he will be a really good "ex-President". (although no "ex President" is as good as Carter, that guy is just a decent human being. Maybe too good of a person for the White House)

- To point out that I don't really make a lot of public LJ posts. Or a lot of posts in my personal journal at all actually.

- As a way of saying "I'm really bad at predicting how these things are going to go". If all my hopes for Obama weren't realized, maybe all my fears for the incoming Trump administration won't be either.

Not saying that the people who are worried shouldn't be, or that those with concerns shouldn't be working their asses off to address them and hold the incoming administration accountable. Absolutely you should be doing everything you feel you need to do. I'm just trying to sleep at night. If this motivates you to become a more active and engaged citizen, and/or to continue to fight "the good fight" then at least one good thing will be happening.

There is also the old standby of how times of conservative gain are times are often great times for writers, artists and musicians. So I hope that holds true as well. Because regardless of my personal politics, or yours, I think everyone can agree that more creativity is always a good thing.


Speaking of "times of creativity". This is the portion where I give you the important links:

There is a Sudden Death Write-off going on right now: So make sure to get over there to give some love.

Your new topic is up:

There are TWO Work Rooms up for those having trouble: and

I brought in a Mentor this week - so PLEASE feel free to use her for help and feedback!

That's literally why she is here, as a tool for you! So please take advantage of that.
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