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Vote - Sudden Death: Write-off Week 5

A few words from clauderainsrm:

They had 24 hours to write, in order to stay alive in the competition.

Week 5 had ended in a 3-way tie, and the only way to settle it was with the blood of innocents pistols at dawn a good ol’ fashioned Write Off!

Unfortunately, one of them did not make it to the starting line. Which means they are automatically eliminated. Goodbye to thepheenixeyri. Really sorry to be losing you like this.

Thank you for coming out for the season, and I hope we will see you mount a comeback in Second Chances.

As for the two remaining contestants - there is only one spot and two writers who want it!

Which means it comes down to the will of the voters.

Read the entries. Comment. Vote for your favorite(s)!

They wrote these in dire circumstances, and deserve your attention and affection. So go show them some love!

You have until Friday, Jan 20th at 10pm EST to cast your votes and decide who will be staying, and who will be joining the Home Game.

Good luck to both of you!

Poll #2061556 LJ Idol, Season 10 - Week 5 - Sudden Death Write-Off
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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