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Green Room - Week 5 - Day 7

Make sure to take the time to read, comment and vote for your favorites! and then spread the word, because the only way these people are going to get the love they deserve is if you do that - and the only way *you* will get the love *you* deserve is other people repaying that favor!

As writers, we need each other. This is no different. So get out there and give support to the work you enjoy seeing!


Speaking of, I've only watched the first two episodes - but I'm finding the show Fleabag. It's on the BBC, but is being shown on Amazon. (I'm not watching it on either of those. :D)

Every episode of the Nerdist Writers Podcast ends with asking "what are you enjoying", and it was mentioned on a recent show, talking about how they thought the combination of effectively breaking the fourth wall, combined with a rare "unlikable female lead" made it interesting. I'm enjoying it so far. I'm enjoying the interplay between characters and seeing the backstory develop.

What are YOU enjoying, that you haven't seen (many) other people talking about?
Tags: day 07, green room, season 10, week 5
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