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Results - Week 4

It's another week and the results are in. As usual, it ended up being really close. The gap between staying and leaving was a single vote.

Less than that if you count the vote I received by email, because they were having trouble logging into LJ. Which is an unusual situation. (Not that having trouble on LJ is unusual, but it making the difference *is*.) Instead of allowing a vote that no one else can see determine who is leaving though, I will be doing something else. I'll mention it in a moment, because first we need to actually say goodbye to someone:


This was a rough week and I was actually surprised to see you going this time around. I really hope that you will continue to Home Game and get back into the thick of things once Second Chance rolls around, because I think you have a lot more to offer this season and I'd love for people to get the chance to read more of your writing.

As for the second person leaving, without that email ballot, there is a tie. Which means there needs to be a tie-breaker between

dreamwriters and i_love_freddie!

I'll be posting a comment below. Only those two should comment to it. (so that it doesn't get lost.)

Tie-breakers at Idol - for those who have never experienced them before, are Sudden Death Write-offs!

You have until Wednesday, Jan 11th at 9pm - that's tomorrow. It's Open Topic, so you can literally write anything you want. Bring it! Because this is about survival!

Good luck to you both!
Tags: eliminations, season 10, week 4
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