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Green Room - Week 4 - Day 7

I was listening to the Patrick Ness (A Monster Calls) interview on The Writers Panel podcast on the way into work this morning and he was talking about his process.

Still not done with it, but I took note when he pointed out that the old "A Writer Writes" should be "A Writer Writes ANYWAY" and talks about the challenges that writers create for themselves to keep going and make things interesting. In occurred to me that Idol itself is one of those challenges.

He also said that the first thing he will do for a novel is write the last line. Not "this is how it ends" but rather the "this is the emotional goal", so he knows where the book needs to go.

How do YOU start new writing project? What have you found to be the most successful "entry point" for your work? Does it change or is it fairly consistent?


How was your weekend?


Have you been reading the entries for this week? http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/966583.html Who should be getting more love than they are currently receiving? What are the things you suggest folks take the time to read (if they are on a busy schedule and can't get to everything). Make sure to spread the word. Just don't say it here... say it anywhere you can!


Jan. 9th, 2017 02:01 pm (UTC)
My entry points are always super varied. A lot of the time I'll start with a specific piece of dialogue or a scene that's stuck in my head and then build around it, but, really, it could be any part of the piece, depending on where I'm drawing my inspiration from.

Years ago, I had an enormous problem with not writing linearly. I would write all the scenes and major dialogue pieces that I was excited about, but then I really struggled with going back and connecting them and writing the more 'mundane' filler that made it a fully realized work. This left many, many unfinished pieces. I still do this to an extent, but I'm better now about pacing myself and balancing the stuff that's ~fun to write and the stuff that has to bridge those parts together.
Jan. 9th, 2017 05:24 pm (UTC)
I actually wrote my novel with bits and pieces all over the place to start with. And then I'd go back to that when I'd get stuck on a scene. It actually helped me fill in the story in between and finish it, I think. But I guess that method doesn't work for everyone.


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