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Green Room - Week 3 - Day 12

Good morning!

Today is the final day of contestant only voting for Week 3! Pretty sure I know how this is going to go. BUT, as usual, "pretty sure" only goes so far... and is often wrong! So keep those votes coming!


Yesterday, there was a conversation that might have gotten lost given how busy the Green Room ended up getting. ;)

It was about the efforts of 2017 Revival/Livejournal Lives to "Make LJ Great Again".

I've noticed though, how quickly that tends to dissolve into a bunch of white people (mostly women, from the comments I've seen. That's probably just because LJ has always been "mostly women") sitting around talking about how awesome it was back when they used to be gather together to be nasty to other people.

Which I think is something not part of the discussion yesterday: that there was a shift away from cyberbullying and the anon-communities ended up going deeper underground. (I've seen some folks express regret, or at least acknowledge that things got out of hand)

LJ definitely did a lot of the damage themselves through some "bad PR moves" to try to clean up the place, to make it safer for advertisers - instead driving away some of the folks they were trying to keep!

I DO hope that their efforts to bring more people back to the fold are successful. After all, a more active Livejournal has been something Idol has been doing it's best to achieve for years!

There are, of course, going to be naysayers. But I think it's a worthwhile tilt at the windmills.
Tags: day 12, green room, season 10, week 3
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