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Vote - Week 3

I'm not going to lie, going into this week I knew it was going to be brutal in terms of bye-outs, and it was. The following folks have byed-out, meaning that they used up both of their byes, and then missed today's deadline.

Quite a few of them had wrote something for the Week 0 Introduction topic though, and I'll admit, there were some of the newbies that I thought we would be seeing a *really* long time this season.

There's still hope for them to come back via Second Chance, later this season. But for now - yeah, it's brutal.

We are saying goodbye to
calliemajor; dubheach; elbielievable; emperor_smooth; ewok_626; fodschwazzle; geekmomof2; gratitude1943; heatherenchantd; lespere; lupinlover; lyrical_liessss; muchtooarrogant; narniarose; nonhelema; rsn_studios; slavezombie; superhappytime; tabloidscully; teresath; turned_in2_moon; turnerwolf; violaconspiracy; witchwife

But here's the cool thing - this wasn't the entire list of people who could have byed-out this week. There were some who have come to fight the odds and stay in this thing! Which makes me extremely happy to see! Hopefully that will be the case in Week 4 as well - and the number of those who want to fight for their spot in this competition continues to grow.


Even with those loses though, the game moves forward - and we lose some more.

This week, it's a CONTESTANT ONLY vote. Meaning you need to be a current (non-eliminated) contestant in order to vote.

Here's how this works:

You read the entries: Read them, comment on them, tell other people about to them to spread the love and then...

You send me a list (to of the names of the folks who wrote your favorites. No limit to how many or few you send. Make sure to identify yourself with your user name so that I can mark it off that you've voted.

You have until Tuesday, Dec 20th at 7pm EST to submit your choices.

We are going to be losing between 2-5 contestants this week. (depending on where the vote separation happens to land).

Good luck to everyone!
Tags: season 10, voting, week 3
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