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Green Room - Week 3 -- Day 6

Good morning Idolers!

Friend of Idol (and current contestant) kathrynrose will be having a "Goal Setting Workshop" in the coming weeks has all the details.

If you want to step up your writing game (outside of Idol) and need assistance and coaching for starting your 2017 off on the right foot writing-wise, this should be a great opportunity to do so.

People who know her well already know that she's really good at this. But for those who don't - this is a chance to find out exactly *how* good. :)


While I'm advertising things - I'll just remind people to use Idol's Amazon link for their holiday purchases:

and becoming a Patron has it's benefits: (Including an extra bye - to give to someone else, and being able to send me a list of potential topics *for this season* (among others)


The deadline is TOMORROW NIGHT and we are still missing the vast majority of entries. In true Idol-spirit, if given a longer period of time, people will still wait until the very last minute!


One of my cats tends to get that classic "hair standing up and hissing" reaction when someone starts messing with her. (the other is far more mellow)

It's an intimidation tactic that seems to work for her.

Which got me thinking about what sort of intimidation tactics I've used over the years, to get people to stay away from me.

I know that in middle school and early on in high school I established myself as "that crazy guy". After getting picked on and bullied for quite some time in elementary and middle school due to being a stutterer I realized that if people think that you might not be "completely right in the head" that they tend to overlook things like "that guy doesn't talk right" and concentrate more on "that guy's crazy. Who knows what he might do. I'll go pick on someone else instead".

It was a more subtle form of social camouflage, but it put me in a position where (other an a couple times in 9th grade, I didn't have to get into any more fights and people - for the most part - left me alone.)

It's not as blatant as making someone think that I was going to hit them with a baseball. But it's still was MY way of "brushing them back". What's yours?

(and yes, this is totally me trying to motivate people who haven't posted yet)
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