clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 1 - Day 12

Tonight is looming, like a big looming thing threatening to eat some of us.

Because that's what is happening.

The polls close tonight:

and at the end of it, two of your fellow contestants will be eliminated. Maybe someone you enjoy. Maybe you.

So if you have any last minute recommendations, or want to give some love to anyone who doesn't seem to be getting a lot of it, this is the time to speak up!

For those who survive, the new topic goes up tonight as well. (Technically, if you don't - there's always the Home Game, but that doesn't sound as final as the idea that you will be dropped into a pit of acid!!)

In the past, I've seen some surprising results in the first couple of weeks, people that I've thought had "no business" being eliminated. But that's what can happen - there is so much noise, that it's easy for something, or someone, to get lost in it. It's part of that struggle, to find a way to break out of it and get noticed!

So make sure to do your part to get the word out on YOUR favorites! (or even, if you think you are in actual danger this week, to make the case for yourself!)
Tags: day 12, green room, season 10, week 1
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