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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 11

Good morning and welcome to the last day of Week 0.

Yes, I finally just said that. I know it was a long "week". But I'm hoping that people appreciated the additional time more than they were offended by a week being longer than it "should be". :)

Today is the deadline to get me your votes for the Veterans entries: and it will also be the day when we find out what the advantages are that the Newbies, and a Veteran, are going to have at their disposal.

So make sure to finish your reading and get in your votes! If you have sent them to me and *haven't* received a confirmation email (as of this post), please let me know. (Note: the closer we get to 7pm EST, the longer it may take to send out those emails. But as of the moment I hit "post" on this, I'm caught up)

Also of interest - today is the day when the WEEK 1 TOPIC will be posted! Which means this train is about to leave the station. (before picking up steam, going full-throttle, jumping the tracks and crashing down the side of the mountain)

So if you are reading this, and you still haven't signed up, or if you know someone who you think *should*, that window is shrinking rapidly: (it closes on the deadline for Week 1 entries, which again, you will find out tonight!)


I've seen a lot of requests for spreadsheets lately. Heck, I've made a few because I still haven't made mine yet!

I've seen some people who literally only have a list of names, and others with detailed colored charts on who received their votes which week, as well as other criteria.

What you have, or don't have, on a spreadsheet, is highly personalized.

For those of you who DO like keeping spreadsheets - what sorts of information do you keep track of from the season? (and do you have one I can borrow? :D)

What suggestions do you have for anyone who has an interest in keeping one, but has never ventured down that path before?
Tags: day 11, green room, season 10, week 0
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