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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 10

After several years of living in the same area, I finally got to meet impoetry for the first time. Probably also the last, because I was kicking him pretty hard, there were most likely internal injuries.

He came out to see of my favorite songwriters, Micah Schnabel perform. I was trying to think how to describe his writing, especially lately, and came across this - which I think translates to writing in general. (From":

"I’d like to think true artists aspire to reach a point where they’re comfortable baring their souls. Some manage to get over themselves and find a way to dig that deep. Even fewer will dig that deep, hit a gas line, stash of marked bills, lava, or worse and still throw enough caution to the wind to unearth it into a song, painting, book, joke, movie, etc.

Micah now goes beyond that. He hits the skeleton of his soul, chips it away and fires the pieces into space with a slingshot."

I think that's the goal, regardless of what format you're writing in: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, writing songs, creating *anything*, where you're giving something real of yourself, chipping those bits of who you are and shooting them out into the universe. (

Sincerity is something that you can just feel. It resonates and stays with you.


I'm not sure what advice our own Season 8 winner whipchick is going to be giving in her Webinar, but I'm sure it will be good. I saw this earlier today and wanted to pass it along for anyone interested:


But if you're only going to click one link today, it should be reading the Veterans entries and sending me your Top 5 list: Although, I'll admit, I don't know how you are going to manage that with just one click. But I trust that you will somehow figure it out!

That deadline is tomorrow.


Sign-ups are slowly ticking upward again: as we get closer to closing time. So make sure to keep spreading the word. (There *are* going to be people who show up after the fact, going "Oh man! I wish I had known!!" there always are. But the hope is that by keeping it open a little longer that they *will* find out and have time to get in the door!)
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