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and one more batch of 100 weeks

I just finished catching up.

I can't believe I'm actually done with that. Well, with the people I thought were close enough to check. There are still a ton of people that I don't know their numbers (and of course the people now vying to become the first member of the 200 Weeks Club. :D)

As soon as I said that last post was the "biggest group of new members" I knew that the next one was probably going to be even bigger.

There ended up being a few people who fell a bit short, so the first 6-10 weeks of Season 10 could very well have more announcements!

But for now, I give you the newest members of the 100 Weeks Club:


That's an amazing group of writers, and people, right there.

But there are two more on this list, that I want to "call out" separately. Why? Because there's something noteworthy about how they accomplished reaching 100 weeks:

lrig_rorrim reached the mark in 2 seasons and 2 mini-seasons, which is the fastest anyone has ever gotten to 100 Weeks. Granted, I'm the "kinder/gentler" Gary these days. So that might just be an example of that. ;)

shanns_ljidol, on the other hand is quite the different story. She showed up in Season 3! Which means she was in the first group of contestants that wasn't mostly friends of mine. She showed up, and she stayed.

She has played in *every single season and mini-season* of LJ Idol since then. I can't even begin to say what that means to me, and what it says about her. Thank you.

In fact, thank you to all of you - those at 100 Weeks and those who just show up week after week, season after season! I am truly grateful, and hope that this place continues to be worth it.
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