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100 Weeks

When I first mentioned that someone had hit "100 weeks", it was a reaction to Survivor's mentioning when people had been playing for "100 days".

I never really thought too much about it, other than "It's a cool club to be in", or, I'll be honest, did more than taking a look every once in awhile to see if I thought anyone was close. There's no big spreadsheet somewhere (or wasn't) detailing how many weeks people survived. (and even now it's still just me manually going back and trying to figure out who I think might be close).

Because of this, I have missed some people, and their special announcement. There are a few who are "close" (I'm on Season 9 right now, and have decided to pull in the mini seasons to the totals, but haven't yet).

The first two people I missed crossed the lines within a couple weeks of each other. I feel badly about the first one. But I feel absolutely horrible about the second. Both are very talented writers, as well as people. But you will see what I mean when I announce them...

Our first new member of the 100 Weeks Club is the always fantastic az_starshine! I'm really sorry to have missed your special day, but this is very well-deserved!

The second? The late great walkertxkitty. I really regret that I couldn't give her this honor, an honor she *earned* while she was still alive.

More to come, as I find them...
Tags: 100 weeks, lj idol
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