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Our Finalists

I couldn't have planned this if I tried. I certainly didn't have it as "this is going to happen" on my radar when I started the season.

I called it "Friends and Rivals" and we end up with people who are *actually* friends, who are "rivals" in terms of now competing head to head for the title.

One of them started on a team of "Friends". The other started as a "Rival".

One came back into the game via Second Chance and the other started a second life on LJ under a new identity!

One has never been a finalist before - and the other took second place in Season 9. (our most recent season)!

One actually was one of the people who came up with the idea for this mini season! The other... did not. ;)

One man. One woman.

Both are Well known for being really good at fiction AND non-fiction. (and pretty much anything else they decide to tackle)

There is a ton of LJ history between these two and I am a huge fan of both of them. Not only as writers, but as human beings.

Congratulations to gratefuladdict and prog_schlock for making it to the finals!

Your final topic is up at:
Tags: final two, friends and rivals, week 26
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