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Green Room - Week 7 - Day 5

I was going to wait until after the results and new topic were posted, but I decided to do it now instead.

Why? I had a few minutes and I was thinking about the "light" writers vs the "dark" writers. Sort of like Star Wars with the force I guess... which is what got me thinking about it actually.

I was thinking about complaints about "light" writers (happy folks) doing well in Idol and I realized, man, they couldn't further from the truth!

Final 3s

tinhuviel - She won the very first season and set the tone. She is the Queen of Sith. Very, very little about her could be called "sentimental" or non-snarky.

onyxblue1 - second place season one... heh... light-hearted? hehhehehhehehe... sorry. She's nothing if not forthright. Agree with her or not, like her or not, she will tell you what is on her mind.

quoth_the_maven: third place. See above. Not exactly "Ms. Popularity".

tru2myart - winner season 2. Ok. Yeah she poops rainbows and unicorns.

wikkidpixie - second place, she doesn't. She often used cleavage shots to pimp for votes! Not really "soft spoken" about things.

dissolvdgrl - ok, again, another sweetheart.

welfy - hardly any interaction with the rest of Idol due to schedule. Not all hugs and tears though. Won by being one of the best story tellers I've seen in a long time.

bettybaker - Heh... um... sweet? Sure. At times. If she likes you. Definitely wasn't shy about sharing opinions though!!!*g* Or anything else.

agirlnamedluna - ok, another sweetheart. Talented writer who did well despite having the cards stacked against her FL-wise.

I like the mix there.

Anyway - break's over! Good luck to everyone and I'll see you in a few with the results!!!
Tags: day 05, green room, season 4, week 7

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