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Results - Week 23

This week there is good news, and bad news.

The bad news is of course a contestant being eliminated.

The good news is the huge advantage that someone else just won - which of course is bad news for everyone who isn't them.

So we will handle this in the order of what will make the most people sad first, the elimination.

Saying that anything is a huge blow or a shocker or really anything else at this point, especially in this mini-season, has become routine. But at this point, there are only a few folks left standing, so someone we love was going to end up going.

This week that person was lrig_rorrim.

Thank you so much for everything this mini-season and of course for continuing to be awesome! (I shouldn't have to tell you to Home Game, but just in case - Home Game! :D)

Btw - before she left, she sent me a message saying to give her bye to kathrynrose. (for those keeping score of such things, and note: the special byes are good until we hit the Top 4 and can be transferred to someone else, which is why she was able to do this)


Now for the "good news" part of it.

There was a "poll within a poll" this week - people have been sending emails to me since the poll opened, to vote for their favorite entry of the week. It was a CLOSE vote. In the end, it was decided by a *single vote*, cast in the last few hours.

According to the voting public, Idol's favorite entry of the week was kathrynrose's "Vellichor"!


As for "What is the advantage?"

A one week (non-transferable) immunity. As long as something is turned in for the poll - you can not be eliminated. You have a guaranteed spot in Week 25. At this point in the game, that's *huge*!
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