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VOTE! Season 4, Week 7

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Good afternoon and welcome to the last 4 person elimination of 2007.

What does that mean? I’ll go into that tomorrow. But for now I can say that 4 people will NOT be eliminated at any other point in 2007.*G*

Some really nice entries this time around. “Best Friend” proved to be harder for some people than I originally thought it would be… still, it’s easier than some of the ones to come! Bwahahahahaha!

Anyway, let’s get to this.

Voting opens now and goes until Friday Dec 21st at 1pm EST. . Yeah, that’s right, tomorrow. It’s a 24 hour poll!

But wait – there’s more! It’s A COMMUNITY ONLY POLL too! Which means you have to be signed up as a community member to vote. Why? Because it’s fun, it promotes the community, and most important it changes up the voting and helps increase the incline on this hill.

You get to tomorrow and are still in this, you are the TOP 100. . That’s worth celebrating, but it’s also worth a bit of a challenge to get there. Good luck to all of you.

Tech Support Note - Nothing yet. Except that I now have Cheetos and Pepsi. It's healthy eating day here at therealljidol central.

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Tags: season 4, voting, week 7

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