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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 4

Good morning Idolers!

I'm not sure if you saw this yesterday, but there is an anthology out there featuring several former contestants that is having an Indiegogo campaign! So check it out, and if you can help - do so! If you can't, then spread the word so that others can find out about it! (One of the levels is $4 and you get the e-book version! That's a really great deal! With the names that I know on that list, it's bound to be a good book.

Speaking of "good books", this is a good time to mention our Amazon store!

There's a lot of great books there as well! (and of course, just by visiting it before doing the rest of your Amazon shopping helps!)

Which reminds me that I need to start coming up with the new incentives for our Patrons!

What are some things I could offer that might tip you over into joining the team? ;)


Happy Friday the 13th!

*** is the place where you go to link your entries! I hope to see a lot more action there, and soon! :)
Tags: day 04, friends and rivals, green room, week 22

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