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Green Room - Week 21 - Day 7

I went to the news feed to see if there was any interesting enough to talk about this morning.

The good thing about how personalized the news has gotten is that you can find things related to your interests. The bad thing is that I'm sure I've missed important things happening in the world because the top stories are all about what is happening on the Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead.

I'm sure Captain America being the 5th highest opening ever has some bigger picture relevance. But I'm sure there's something more important in the world that is happening right now.

For instance, the top headline could be about the poll happening right now:

I can easily see that being one of the most important things happening in the world!


I was just looking at this, and thought it was interesting - of the Top 10:

1 member of Team #Hack
5 members of Team #Avocado
1 member of Team Clueless
2 members of Team Weird Sisters
2 Team Ocelot (1 of them was also on another team)

2 of the current contestants started out as Rivals. 8 started on Teams. So I think the verdict is "Teams were a benefit to getting to the Top 10".

What will happen next? *shrug* That's up to the voters!
Tags: day 07, friends and rivals, green room, week 21

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