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Green Room - Week 20 - Day 2

"Where is the Green Room?"

I woke up this morning to go to my doctor's appointment. I was running late for the bus, so I figured that I would just post afterward when I got to work.

I went on the bus - over the bridge - to my doctor's appointment. I went in, it was a *really* sort talk (literally she hasn't seen me in over 6 months and just asked me if there was anything she should know about and sent me on my way). I got the paperwork for the routine bloodwork she wanted, and I was off.

I walked to the usual lab - which is near the bus stop and was thinking "I will be able to make this next bus across the bridge and back to work really quickly".

I sign in. Sit down. Wait to be called. I go up, hand them my paperwork and my insurance card - and they tell me that they don't take my insurance.

Apparently my insurance company has an exclusive deal with *another* lab company. So I leave and start trying to figure out where the closest one is... walk back another 15-20 minutes to the closest stop for a bus that will take me close to that location... and then wait...

and wait... eventually a bus shows up. I get where I need to go.

I go into the lab, they have me sign in and tell me "It will be 45 minutes to an hour wait".

I look at the clock. There is no commuter bus that will go over the bridge for at least an hour and half after I'm supposed to be getting into this appointment.

I text my boss to let know that I won't be coming in. (Fortunately I took the day off, but I told them I would *try* to come in.)

And I waited... and waited... finally I got in, and they had trouble inputting the doctor into their system. So I waited some more for them to figure that out.

Finally everyone was set - and the blood work itself went smoothly. Maybe the best it ever has.

So I caught the bus back to the station where I'd be catching the commuter bus... waited about another hour and half.

I thought "I'll put the Green Room from my phone while I wait!" But my phone was almost dead. So I figured I would do it when I got home...

Ended up missing the connecting bus after I got off the commuter. Sat in downtown Tampa until the next one showed up about a half hour later.

Eventually I got home, fixed myself a snack and felt something weird,.. one of my back crowns fell out!!! Note: My dentist was about a 15 minute *walk* from where I was at the lab. If this has happened earlier, I could have fixed it easily. As it is, it will be awhile before I can get back there and have it recemented.

So that's why there was no Green Room until right now - and that's the kind of day I've been having.

How has yours been going?


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