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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 4

Following this mini-season, I have something planned that I would love to have everyone not only participate in, but also to promote. It's a special event for the 10th anniversary of LJ Idol so I'd love for you to get out your thinking caps on ways that you can help get the word out!

I've sent emails to the folks I had been talking to inside Livejournal before Season 9, hoping they could help out - but no response. I'm wondering if they even still work there.

No details yet - because closing out *this mini-season* is what we are focused on now. But I'm pretty excited about celebrating. I hope it's as much fun in reality as it is in my head!

(I have someone tentatively working on the graphics for it, which will be awesome if it works out the way that it should).


This sort of ties into the the idea of "Where should you promote to get new writers". Because going into existing writing communities and promoting IMO is rude. I definitely don't condone that - unless there is some sort of open call policy where the Powers That Be have declared it OK. Non-dedicated spaces where writers just happen to be though - those are the sweet spot! ;)

Then again, it's a "special kind" of writer we are looking for... the kind that can survive and flourish in the Idol-atmosphere. So maybe we should start putting up signs in mental institutions!!!


Speaking of the current mini-season- the new topic enrtries are due today!

There is a Home Game for people not currently in the competition who want to write anyway:

and, of course, the Work Room: if you still need help banging something together!
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