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Work Room - Week 18

This was posted in the Green Room today, but it's interesting enough that I wanted to make it a Work Room.

It's about writing and gender.

Sure, it's talking about film and speaking roles - but it easily translate to fiction writing as well.

For those of you who do write a lot of fiction - is this imbalance something you keep in mind while creating characters? Is it "easier" to create someone you more closely identify with?

For that matter - when you write as someone who *isn't* from your specific identity, is that a huge risk of "getting it wrong" and receiving backlash as a result? (Which I'm pretty sure *wasn't* your intent! :D)

I've seen a few writers out there in publishing who seem to want to "embrace more diversity" in their writing, but when they do, it comes out really poorly and they just end up upsetting the people who they wanted to attract. How much - and what kind - of research do you end up doing with something like this?

We all know that the only *real* voice - and opinion that matters in any of this is ME. But in your pretend little universes, creating your boxes of moonlight-filled dreams, where - if anywhere - does this fit into your writing schemes?

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