clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Results - Week 17

It doesn't get any easier - week after week, saying goodbye. But this is one of those weeks where it sucks just a little bit more.

Because, I'm not going to lie - and even if I did, anyone with a knowledge of the history of Idol knows that I'm a fan of the work of alexpgp"- and unfortunately, this week, he is leaving us. Given that he wrote a serial for 17 weeks, in a mini-season where the refrain seemed to be "don't write serials" is just one more thing to put in the "why I like this guy" column.

It wasn't one vote this time, it was by two. He is leaving with someone who is quickly becoming a favorite as well: murielle. She went quite a ways into the game the first time, and then fought her way back in through Second Chance and stayed for another month! (that's pretty damn impressive - it not only shows how talented she is, but a love for the game itself)

I'm really hoping that we get to read more from both of them in the Home Game!
Tags: eliminations, friends and rivals, week 17
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