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Green Room - Week 16 - Day 3

I've never been entirely aware of "what the kids are doing these days". Even back in the day when I was one of those kids! (whipchick can attest, I've always been in my own world, possibly in my own universe)

At one point in high school I worked part time at a book store, setting up their comic department. I (obviously) knew they had a huge porn section, and I figured that was how they were doing well enough to stay in business. It wasn't until years after - when rumors and an arrest - that I discovered that they were selling drugs the entire time, and the owner's girlfriend was actually selling "something else entirely" in the back. I didn't have a clue.

So it probably shouldn't be too surprising that it took until last night, on the bus ride home, that I finally figured out why I was seeing so much loose tobacco on the floor (and sometimes the seat) of the bus I ride.

It was always just really weird... and disgusting. But I chalked it up to "weird things you see on the bus".

But last night I sat behind a guy who took out of pack of cheap cigars, unwrapped them, dumped the tobacco out on the floor and put the wrapper into a zip-lock bag. I'd like to say that I immediately knew what he was doing. But it took me a little bit even then to figure out that he was most likely going to be using that cigar wrapper to wrap up something he had at home.

I *didn't* consider that he might just have a "cheap cigar wrapper" collection. Which, being me, should probably be considered progress! ;)

What are some things that YOU figured out - after the fact?

(One of my all-time favorites was from my ex, who as a child, was told that pepperoni came from a tree - and never questioned it until she was in her teens. :D)


One thing that you need to make sure you are figuring out is making sure your entries are in: The deadline is tomorrow!
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