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Green Room - Week 15 - Day 4

The deadline is tonight so make sure you get your entries in!


I'd like to thank Idol's Patron's - this week your continued support had a *direct* impact on this competition!

The money generated from our Patron group tends to go toward things like "paying for internet", and other indirect things that make things a lot easier to justify the time and effort that I'm not putting toward my family. ;)

This week though, something came up and being "in-between checks" it could have been *bad*. Not especially expensive, but more than I would have had on hand. (Which, regardless of the amount, "more than you have on hand" is "too much".)

It was when I was sick. I set my laptop down on the bed to go out of the room for a moment. I hadn't reached the door when I heard that dreaded BOOM sound and saw the laptop on the floor and one of my cats looking startled (and/or "I didn't do that! I'm just sitting here, in this spot, where I wasn't a few minutes ago. But I totally didn't do anything")

I checked out the laptop itself, and it was still working fine. (Whew!)

But it had been plugged in to the charger. The charger plug was completely bent, to the point that the act of pulling it out of the computer caused it to snap off.

The upshot being that I haven't had a way to charge my computer in a couple days, while I was waiting for a replacement to arrive. Again, thanks to our wonderful Patrons, I was able to order that replacement as well as get it shipped extra quickly.

Which is why I'll be able to post a poll tonight instead of having a paperweight and seeing if I could borrow a computer! A working charger is a "small thing", but knowing that Idol has the support that it does means everything.

So, while it was on my mind, I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You".


What are you feeling grateful for today, on this Good Friday?
Tags: day 04, friends and rivals, green room, week 15
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