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Green Room - Week 12 - Day 1

Happy Super Tuesday!

I hope all of your personal delegates line up the way you want them to in order to secure the nomination of the "Having a Good Day" party!


I checked my "FB Memories" page today, because there was a cute picture from 2 years ago and I wanted to see what else was there.

"6 years ago" I shared a link for this book:

The first LJ Idol anthology!!

If you've ever been curious about picking up something that covers the first half of the LJ Idol experience - it's a great read and right now it's a really good deal! (It's cheaper than *my personal discount that the publisher gave me because she was being awesome* was when it came out!) $16.95 for a 644 page book of incredible entries!

And, if you use that Amazon link, LJ Idol will actually get a piece of the sale. So everyone wins! (actually, if you go through our Amazon store for *anything*, we will get a small piece of it. So do that please!)

A third volume was supposed to happen - but that fell through (the entire publishing company ended up folding before it really got off the ground, disappointing, but it happens...) . Given how many small press publishers have come out of Idol though, I still hold out hope that maybe someday that will become a reality.


Since I'm talking Amazon - I don't usually do their promotions - because honestly I don't use most of them so I really can't "promote" them in any real way. But I just saw something that while *I* don't use (because I prefer books that I can actually touch) Cynthia and a lot of people I know *do* use it: Kindle.

If you've been wanting to try Kindle - and for some reason haven't, there's a "Free 30 Day Trial":

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

/End commercial.


The results came in last night: making me wish that I had a "Gary Veto" built into the system! Of course, if I'd had one, I probably would have used it more in the earlier years when the contestant only vote had a lot of "strategic targeting" to take out the front runners. (Which of course would have been a lot less interesting, if I just turned around and saved them!)

These days it would mostly just be to save sentimental personal favorites. :) Of course, with a week like this one, I probably wouldn't be able to make the choice of which one to save! So it's probably best that I never gave myself that power!


There is also a new topic:

and a Work Room:

and, of course, the next-to-last chance to get back into the competition:
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