clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Work Room - Week 12

We are winding down our time as "Friends" and heading toward the time of "Rivals".

But that hasn't *quite* hit yet - teams are still a thing until the Top 30. (and SCG will extend that time a little longer with people coming back into the fray)

That does mean though that any changes to your teams needs to be in to me by This Thursday at 9pm.

Also, remember that if your team has dropped below 3 members, that is it automatically dissolved for this week. It can reform the following week.

The one exception is if you end up picking up anyone from Second Chance. That falls into the grey area of the "the order of events" and that happens, you can maintain your status as a team this week!


For those of you who survived the great Contestant Only Purge - does that change your thinking at all about your chances to actually "win this thing", or answer any "what do people think of my work?" lingering doubts? (and of course for those who didn't survive - that just means that this week's entry might not have "hit", but you made it *really really* far into this! So hopefully your doubts are gone as well!)
Tags: friends and rivals, week 12, work room
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