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Green Room - Week 11 - Weekend Edition

My dog was just going crazy, scribble-scrabbling around, trying to get her ball.

It had rolled under the small bookcase, and she just couldn't get to it.

She has plenty of other balls, almost identical to that one. (different colors). But that was the one she wanted in that moment. So she scrambled around and barked for someone to help her.

In doing so, she ran past another ball and several toys that just weren't what she wanted.

So I came from the other room, and once I figured out what was going on, I got down and I reached under the bookcase to get the ball.

This is something that happens a couple times a day. She will roll the ball under, and I will go get it. She has me trained.

It got me thinking - what in my own life did I insist upon - when there were plenty of other options that would have been just as good - but *that's* the one I wanted, and I was going to have it regardless of what I would need to do to get it? Who were the people that I knew I could count on to help me out?

How about you? Is there anything you are constantly rolling under the bookcase and who is it that you can count on to help you get them out?


Voting is happening right now: so make sure you get your votes in! Take the time to read, comment and vote for your favorites - but, of course, the earlier you get your votes in, the less time it will take to post the results! :)
Tags: green room, week 11, weekend edition
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