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Vote - Week 11

Good evening Idolers.

You can stop looking for the poll now.

There's nothing to click. But plenty to read.

Unfortunately, we are losing someone before the vote, due to a bye-out:


Thank you so much for coming out this mini-season. I hope that you will be trying to get back into the competition via Second Chance.

Speaking of Second Chance, it could get a lot more interesting in the next two cycles - because we are about to have another purge.

It's a CONTESTANT ONLY poll. Which means that only current contestants can cast a ballot - by sending their votes, via email, to .

This time around, there is NO LIMIT on how many names you can send me. If you want to vote for all of them, you can. (but that would be counterproductive). If you want to vote for just a couple people, that's OK as well. Although I'm pretty damn sure there are many more than a couple you will end up loving!

How many contestants will be eliminated? Between 5 to 10. (Depending on where the vote-break ends up being)

The entries can be found over here: - so read, comment and send me your votes!

Voting ends Monday, Feb 29th at 8pm EST

Good luck to everyone!
Tags: friends and rivals, voting, week 11
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