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Work Room - Week 11

This morning I was thinking about asking stupid questions in order to find out about what's going on. Maybe you saw that Green Room.

When I was thinking "What do I want to talk about in the Work Room tonight?" I kept going back to it. Because I was thinking about how people respond to those questions - what they say and what they don't say. I was thinking about how you can go online and find a source or three to back up pretty much every conceivable opinion someone could have on a subject, and several that you can't believe that anyone would actually say out loud.

This, of course, brought me back to the subject of writing.

In your entries, you are the one crafting the POV and control the flow of information.

It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry or whatnot (especially the whatnot) - in that space where your words hold sway - you control the horizontal and the vertical.

So how do you determine just how much is going to get out there? And how much does it change from piece to piece? Do you find yourself changing that up? I'm not just talking about "what perspective do you write in", I'm looking at the flow of information itself from these characters - and how much of it reflects on the type of person you see yourself as being?

That last bit is heightened for non-fiction of course, but it's definitely applicable to every other form of writing, or creative enterprise.

It applies to Real Life as well: How much information do you let flow about who you are, and how much do you keep back? It's an every day of life issue, that often enough gets solved without too much thought for some, and too much for others.

Do you find your narrative voice ends up being the same? Or do you purposefully try to change it? What happens when you *do* change-up your every day voice for another?


The Results are in:

and there is a new list of topics:

We also have the Second Chance Gauntlet about to heat up for another round:
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