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Green Room - Week 10 - Day 7

When I see something I don't know much about, I ask questions. Sometimes they are dumb questions. Other times they are unintentionally dumb questions. ;)

Some of the time these are asked in order to get a general idea of where I should start looking for further information. Other times it's because I really am not interested enough to go digging, but I'm interested enough to hear from someone else who was, and who has already put in the work! :D

I find myself asking a lot of questions when it comes to "stories about celebrities" these days, because for the most part I have little to no knowledge of who these people are, what they have done with most of their life/career, and why people are talking about whatever it was that happened to them.

I have a similar blind-spot when it comes to "things that happen in Canada". Because you might as well say "Narnia". They are equally real. Canada is just Country Fanfic!

Don't even get me started on how much attention I pay to Canadian celebrities!

(In truth, if you "get me started" on it, that's a really short conversation)

It usually tends to be something "of note" that people are talking about, and it sometimes makes me curious on what, if anything, my stance would be on it - if only I knew a little more on the subject. But right now, I'm just feeling really outside that particular box. Most of the time I just assume that my friends lists know what they are talking about, so I go with their default "I'm pissed off about it!" :D

Being pissed off about something you hear about online seems the safest route!

The poll closes tonight, so make sure you support the writers you want to see go forward!

These are celebrities I can get behind following what is going on with their lives!

The new Second Chance opportunity is posted: for those willing to run the Gauntlet for another shot!
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