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Work Room - Week 10

The results from last week are in:

and the new topic is up:

There is even a chance for folks to get back into the game:

and now I talk about the Lion King.

We went to see it last night. It was my Christmas present from Cynthia. They had never seen it before, I had seen it years ago, and had always wanted to take them. So, they decided to take me instead! :)

It was a lot of fun (and they enjoyed it), but one of the surprises was that "Morning Report" was no longer part of the show.

Apparently, it was cut (along with a total of 9 minutes) from the show back in 2010.

Which got me thinking about editing and the importance of being able to take a good, hard look at your own work and figure out how to streamline it.

In the case of "Morning Report", I loved that bit - but I know it didn't really do anything to drive the narrative forward. It was just sort of there as a funny bit. I definitely missed it, but I doubt anyone who has never seen the musical before knew there was anything missing.

What is YOUR editing process, what do you find yourself cutting out from your pieces - and how does that impact you when you are actually writing and notice something that fits the pattern of things that usually end up on your cutting room floor?
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