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Green Room - Week 8 - Day 2

*flips a coin to decide this week's results*

I've heard that works well for important decisions!


Before I flip that coin though, I should probably give you a couple more days to get something in! is where contestants link their entries.

The Home Game is where people who aren't currently contestants link their entries.

The Work Room is where you bang your head against the wall about your entries

and this space is where you bang your head against the wall in general. Or maybe that's just me!

As usual - any and all changes to teams: additions, subtractions, name changes, etc - need to be in this Thursday by 8pm EST. They should be sent to me at !


Some really interesting conversations yesterday - both here and elsewhere. The elsewhere ones had nothing to do with Idol, but they were still interesting...

Most of them had to do with the brewing Clinton-Sanders fight. I say "brewing" because although they have faced each other in one state and about to do so in another (where Sanders is heavily favored and Clinton isn't really contesting it) this thing has all the earmarks of something that has a high potential of completely exploding between their supporters.

Given the high level of passion for it, I'll lob it into the Green Room!

- Is it "ageist" to have concerns about how old Bernie Sanders is?

- How much does sexism play in the opposition to Hillary Clinton?

- Once and for all, what's going on with Donald Trump's hair anyway?

- Is Marco Rubio the worst game to play in a swimming pool - or the best?

- Is not liking Ted Cruz discriminatory towards Canadians?

- Was anyone surprised to find out that Mike Huckabee hadn't already dropped out?

- Can JEB overcome the fact that people are calling him by his initials?

- Are people capable of being civilized about the issues that matter to them, and the candidates who represent those ideals - or is it just easier to make jokes about Chris Christie's connections to the foodie mob?
Tags: day 02, friends and rivals, green room, week 8
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