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Green Room - Week 7 - Day 2

Work Room:

There you go - your links for the day! :)

There seem to be 25 contestants who haven't taken my warning seriously. We will see what will become of them... if anything, maybe the ground will open up and swallow them or maybe they will be lead into a candy factory where they get all the free candy they can handle! Or maybe the floor to the candy factory will open up...


I was reading David Axlerod's assessment of the success of Donald Trump and how people tend to look for someone with "opposing traits" as the outgoing President - and how that relates to what I see online.

There is a definite "anti-PC" vibe that I see in RL that doesn't translate at all online - and a vibe online of being more concerned about social injustice than I see in RL.

Both "sides" seem to think they are the majority, and maybe they are, in their relative pockets. It's not even a political party thing (as much as some would like to pretend it is), because there is a lot of overlap.

I'm wondering if they are just annoying each other so much that it's just building up friction that is driving the forces further and further apart.

There's like three or four thoughts in there that have little to do with each other, but I'm still not awake yet. Hopefully someone can translate. Or find something in my ramble that they can explore.
Tags: day 02, friends and rivals, green room, week 7
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