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Green Room - Week 6 - Day 3

On the way home last night I heard Golden Smog's cover of "Starman". It was a decent cover. Pretty straight forward, with them doing an impression of Bowie that if you had it in the background at a party you might not realize that you weren't listening to the original.

Which brought up a couple old questions for me - questions that pop up whenever I hear a cover: "If you aren't going to add something 'uniquely you' to it - why are you covering the song?" and more importantly, because sometimes the answer to #1 is "I felt like it"... "why are you recording it and putting it out there"?

Because every time you put something out there into the world, you are saying "This is worth your time to check out".

Even if you don't consciously say those words, that's the implication - you think this work is worth someone else's rapidly decreasing time on this planet.

It's not just true of cover songs, but original ones - or anything you create, including LJ Idol entries. ;)

(You knew I was going to bring this thing around!!)

I've banged the "this should be uniquely YOU" gong enough, but I'll add to it that you need to be aware that you are asking for someone else's time - and make sure whatever you are putting out there into the world is worthy of that very high bar.

I think it is. Or at least it can be. After all - what is a "vote" if not a way of saying "this was worth not only my time to read, but to come back here and click a box saying 'yes, I liked this thing you did. It was worth my time - I want to see more of it.'?


This week's topic thread is: where people are currently posting. Check them out as they come in!


Reminder: All team changes need to be in to me at by 8pm EST tonight. So if you want to change up your existing group or create a new one (and I definitely am trying to encourage the latter!) send me an email with your information!
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