clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 1

Sometimes I make a mistake. It's not often. But it happens.

When that occurs, I try to make things right.

This is one of those cases, where I had an email and when the time came to activate the wishes of that email, I overlooked it. In my defense, there were a couple other Idol-related things going on at the time with sacrifices being offered and withdrawn, that I missed the *first* of those sacrifices, one that the contestant wanted to make.

verseinabottle is leaving us in Week 5. Which means that Results post has changed as well.

Yes, as soon as I cut someone it's official. But as soon as I reinstate someone it's ALSO official.

What this means is that poppetawoppet and tjoel2 are officially back in the competition!

Normally, they would have to fight it out for that last elimination spot, given that they were tied. But I'm waving that due to the circumstances.

So - goodbye to one and welcome back to two!

Sorry about messing up everyone's spreadsheets! ;)


The new topic choices can be found at: and the new Work Room is:
Tags: day 01, friends and rivals, green room, week 6
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