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Work Room - Week 5

Writing is a process that teaches us not only about the craft, but also ourselves.

Given some of the comments I've seen from people remarking about how much they loved people stepping of the box and out of their comfort zones, I'm curious - what (if anything) did you learn about yourself?

Not only that, but is it something you are going to apply to your work going forward? (not just in Idol, but in general).

Yes, I realize it was just one week and the lessons tend to be things that build over time instead of just lightning bolts to your skull. But I figured I'd throw it out there.

If you didn't really learn anything new about yourself - do you think that you pushed yourself? Do you even need to do either of those things? (Push yourself and/or learn anything new about who you are)? I'm sure there are a lot of folks you would say you don't... feel free to argue that.

But have a position. Have a point of view, and let it come through in your work.


The new topics are up:

So where are you going to go from there?
Tags: friends and rivals, week 5, work room
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