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Results - Week 4

Another incredible week has drawn to a close, and I can definitely say that without a hint of hyperbole, there were some amazing entries that came out of what a lot of folks were dreading.

It seems a shame to have to say goodbye to anyone under the circumstances - but that's why we are here. To move another step closer to the end.

Almost as soon as the poll went up for the Rivals this week, we had a public drop. Which meant that someone posted (or in this case used a bye) and then fell on their sword. I'm not even sure they were aware that it would be considered a "sacrifice", but I'll assume they did based on the timing!

Which means the first person leaving us is peteyplane who posted a goodbye:
Please make sure to stop over there and say a few words. I was really looking forward to reading more this mini-season, but I hope that I will get that wish in the future.

So if you were one of those on the bottom of the polls for the Rivals, holding your breath and wondering what was going to happen - you can exhale. For now.

That means the only one the polls are taking out this time around is from the Friends. It was another close match, with the difference between staying in, and being gone was the average of just over 2 votes.

This one is painful not only because it's a promising newbie that I was hoping to see a lot more from, but because I too enjoyed that particular movie. (that was during the time of my life when I was pretty much devouring all things Altman)

It's goodbye to amandalor, but I'm hoping she will be able to take advantage of one of the ways to come back into the game in the near future. (and in the meantime, play the Home Game!)
Tags: eliminations, friends and rivals, week 4
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