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Green Room - Week 4 - Day 4

I hope that I'm not completely boring people with the trips down Idol-memory lane.

I should be doing these closer to the actual anniversary - after all, that's what you do, instead of being several months out from it just rambling.

But I'm more of a rambler and just sort of spout off on whatever is on my mind right now. So it's either this or transgender access to public facilities in the state of Washington (that has me riled up due to some comments by a relative on the subject). I can't recall any good transgender access Idol stories. I'm sure there is one though. There's usually at least one story. (Maybe when I was briefly considering a "men vs women" season but then quickly realized that there weren't many men in the ranks of Idol at the time and I debated telling some female contestants that they would have to change genders. :D)

File this one under "Well intentions gone wrong":

In the first two seasons there were no "bye weeks". However, I didn't want to just eliminate folks for missing a week. So I put them in a separate poll and people voted on which one of them to eliminate. Because I wanted them to have a chance at staying in, and didn't want to get rid of anyone who made the effort of writing something. So that was who left: the person with the fewest "we want to give them another chance" votes.

The fear that rose is that someone could have rode that the very end, and won without actually writing anything. That never happened. It didn't even come close to happening - but the idea came up and I came up with the byes as a way of bridging the gap: giving people who wrote a reason to follow the polls and still giving those people who couldn't get anything in the break that they needed.

Bye weeks came in Season 3 and have been around ever since. Looking back, it seems silly *not* to have it that way. But again, it was just me and a few friends trying to figure out what "this thing" was, and was going to be.

Who knows what the next evolution of the game is going to involve!!

"Teams" is here now, but is it a one-shot experiment, or could it work out into something dynamic and game-changing? That's really in your hands, since it's still a work-in-progress!


I've been reading the topics as they come in: and wow, there are some excellent ones already. If you haven't started reading, do so, you definitely won't be disappointed!

The deadline to get the entries in is tonight, so I hope everyone is going to be there and we won't have another bye-out/bye-taking palooza! (and not the urban dictionary definition... unless that's your thing)
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