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Topic - Week 4

Keep in mind that all the topics this season have come from YOU, the contestants in LJ Idol.

That said, I notice themes and try to bunch them together in a way that interests me.

This time around it was actually because of a conversation I had with a former contestant who was talking about how she really misses the days of when Idol was more non-fiction than fiction.

Which, I can definitely understand that.

I know why the change happened, I saw it happening. But I also get why people would want to go back to the roots.

Does that mean that the entries this week *can't* be fiction? Hell no. It's your entry, do with it what you want! I just wanted to let you know where these seemed to be coming from:

Your choices this week are (choose one):

- We All Have The Movie. The One We're Supposed to Hate. Talk About... In Depth. Spoil it and explain WHY you love it despite mostly everyone else.

- The death of the 1¢ coin / penny and the $1 bill.

- Terrorism in 2015-16 Are we becoming numb to the violence?

The links to your entries are due Friday January 8th at 9pm EST

Have fun!
Tags: friends and rivals, topic, week 4

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