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Green Room - Week 3 - Day 10

The longest deadline for a single entry in Idol history is coming to an end tonight:  and there are still a lot of empty seats. So hopefully people are still coming!

One person who is not, is gratefuladdict, who let me know last night that she is bowing out. Considering how big of a contender she is, coming off of her finale appearance in Season 9, this is good news for anyone else who wants to win! (and bad news for those of us who love her writing)


Now that the business is out the way, I have a question for the greater Idol-universe. Well, for the universe itself really... but this is Idol and thus the only real important part of it!

Over the last couple of days, on various social media feeds, I've seen the word "husbeast" a lot.  In one case, it was four posts in a row.  (from different people). Which may seem more like an issue of who I have on my feed than anything else. ;)

It's not a new word. I've seen it for quite some time and always did the mental translation and it's all been good. But seeing it all at once got my brain turning of "where did that come from?" Because, from my perspective, I never saw it - then saw it from a couple people and before I really noticed it had widespread usage.

Words are like that.  They come and go out of fashion, marking a specfiic period of time.

Checking the Urban Dictionary about "husbeast" it's actually an insult toward the male partner:  "A husband who is a total jerk and/or is known for angry outbursts"

Which has never been the context of what I've read when people talk about theirs! So the made-up word has taken on a more generic meaning as the usage spreads.

It makes me wonder where it will be in a couple years.

(and gives me hope that some other word will replace "nibling". I'm not even sure why it annoys me so much. But it does. I use it, but I wish there were another word to describe the child of your sibling in a non-gender way. Because it just sounds weird!  Which really has nothing to do at all with the husbeast thing other than it's a word and I was just thinking about it! :D)

Tags: day 10, friends and rivals, green room, week 3

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