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Green Room - Week 3 - Day 4

Herimone is black.

*sits back and watches the internet react in predictable ways*

Garfield is Bill the Cat's father.

You weren't expecting that one now were you? ;)

In most circles it's only a "spoiler" when you are revealing something before it comes out. That's the traditionally accepted definition. Or at least the "old school" one.

Now you have people complaining about spoilers a month out from the release of something - because they haven't had the chance to check it out yet.

Honestly, I'm still shocked that the internet has been this well behaved with "The Force Awakens", but I'm starting to hear rumblings of discontent, where people have started seeing "spoilers" from their friends.

I'm thinking that by the 1 week point, the truce is going to break entirely and people are going to start talking about what happened in the open. I may be wrong, but if I am, it's only because people are busy this time of year.

So if you are someone who won't see it until after that point, and you haven't unfollowed everyone on FB (to avoid seeing their comments in other people's spaces) - and you care about not knowing what is going to happen - I would really start locking things down on your social media. Saying "don't tell me" in your own space doesn't mean that you won't see it happening in someone else's.


It's no spoiler warning needed for the new topics: or this week's Work Room:
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