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Results - Week 1

This is the part that always sucks.

Not everyone knows how much it does until we start seriously dwindling, but for me - it's usually my least favorite part of the week.

But, it's also the nature of the beast - that in order for us to progress in the competition, we need to say goodbye to some people.

This week is no exception, and as it's Week 1 of the Friends and Rivals - that just means there is months of this ahead on this particular journey.

Usually I play fast and loose on the idea of "IF" there will be a chance to get back into the game at some point down the road. This time though I will tell you - there will be.  Not saying when. But I will take the "if" off the table.

So hopefully those leaving us will stick around and play the Home Game - until the time comes when they can see if they can jump back into the main competition!

Leaving us today are:

(from the Individuals - where it came down to *a single vote*)


and for the Teams: Roughly 5 votes away from being safe, it was Team Celestial Coconut Pancakes that ended up coming in last.

Which means they are losing a member of their group.


Thank you so much for coming out this mini-season and I hope we will continue seeing you around in the coming weeks!
Tags: eliminations, friends and rivals, week 1

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