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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 8

The polls are up! for the Teams and for the Individuals!

Remember to check out both polls though to make sure you are getting to read everything! (and trust me, you'll want to be checking out things from both!)


Going through my email/comments I've seen there are some questions - I'm going to answer them here so that if anyone else is asking, I can cover them as well.

- Why are vote totals so low?

Because not many people have read and voted so far. Be sure to get the word out! The best promoters of what is happening here are our contestants. Tell people to come out and read! Not just your stuff, but everyone's. I'm positive they are going to find stuff they love that they would have never encountered if not for you!

- Do the Teams work like Redemption Tribe?

For those who don't know, the Redemption Tribe is something we've had in the past to deal with ties. If you tied in the elimination spot, you were separated from the main group and someone from that tribe would go.

So I guess the answer is "Yes" and "No". "Yes" in that they are small tribes and the one with the fewest votes is going to lose someone.

But "no" in that only the team with the fewest votes is going to have that happen - and someone leaves every time there is a poll, so that's not "just like the Redemption Tribe", that's Idol.

- "if a member of a team were to drop out while a poll was going on, would their teammates automatically be safe?"

Let's assume we are talking about "One person is leaving" scenarios. (like this week).

If someone from a team drops out *while a poll is up*, then they are counted as the elimination for that week.  In a multiple elimination week, then they would be counted as *one* of the eliminations. They are considered to be "sacrifices". They are literally sacrificing their spot in the game.

If two people from Teams were to drop, in a single elimination week, only 1 would "count". There would still be someone leaving from the Individuals though.

- "What if the team member dropped while a topic was up but before the deadline?"

Drops before the deadlines (regardless of team or individual) are quits.  They are not counted toward the number of people to be eliminated that week.

"in either scenario, does the team disband and remaining members get all byes?"

If a team drops below 3 members, it disbands for a week. (or however long it takes for the members to form a new team)

If that team is polling their byes, then yes, the remaining members will split the byes as evenly as possible.

Any other questions I may have missed?

What have you read so far that you want to make sure other people check out?
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