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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 7

I went to a show this weekend and actually got to see "That Guy" in action.

I'll admit that I've never observed Him in his natural habitat before. I thought that I had. But those were all smaller versions.  I'd always just chalked it up to maybe He didn't come to the same shows I was at...

Who am I talking about?

He was extremely drunk, and was going up behind women and grabbing at them "accidentally". I actually saw him get into position to do that.  Fortunately, the woman in question also seemed to recognize him for what he was and moved out of his grasp before he could make his move.

As soon as she was gone - he moved to another nearby woman.... who ignored him when he tried to make contact, and he wasn't in position to do anything "subtle" so he moved on....

The only time he got close enough to where I was standing was actually him stepping on my foot.... and then turning around like he was going to punch me,  (He wasn't a tall guy, but he definitely worked out)

I think he realized that he was the one with the foot in the wrong place, and moved on...

I lost track of him in the crowd after that - until the very end when I saw him actually dancing with a woman. Maybe they are right that there is always *someone* out there who will think your shit is charming.

Or maybe she was just drunk enough to not care about him....

Hell, maybe they knew each other!

I don't know.  But they both seemed to be having a good time, and she had several friends with her. So hopefully things worked out well for everyone involved.

Also at the same show was the very drunk and horny couple who were pawing at each other up against the stage.  Eventually she left - and then he left... a little later the drunk woman came back and kept trying to make out with some random woman who was there with her boyfriend.  (she kept turning her head every time the drunk woman came in for a kiss)

tl;dr   - People are messed up, aka "Don't be That Guy/That Woman"


What you *can't* avoid is that tonight is the deadline:  So you had better be ready for it!
Tags: day 07, friends and rivals, green room, week 1

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